Plastic waste is one of the biggest issues facing the planet today, with its impacts stretching far and wide. It can be found polluting everything from the tallest mountains to the deepest ocean trenches and can affect human health, destroy ecosystems, and harm wildlife – especially marine species. While the lifespan of plastic products averages around 10 years, plastics can take up to 500 years to decompose, depending on their composition and disposal. Between 1970 to 2019, an estimated 30 million metric tonnes of plastic had accumulated in the ocean, while more than 100 million tonnes had accumulated in rivers and lakes. Such large amounts of plastic waste pollution in waterways can have devastating impacts on marine life and ecosystems.” Source: (march 15, 2023)

For well over 17 years, KILLINE has been a pioneer of the eco-friendly move in the optical industry. We aim to maintain our leadership based on innovation and the conviction that “you don’t have to sacrifice either performance or price to make a positive environmental impact”.

Sustainability has become more and more important in the eyewear world, and this will definitely last and grow.

KILLINE (green)

KILLINE is always looking for new materials and technologies to reduce the environmental impact. Bio-based, biodegradable, recycled and recyclable, these options are parts of our Green commitment.

On top of manufacturing optical quality frames and sunglasses, KILLINE offers a 360º solution to its partners and uses PRIMoptic catalog of packaging and consumables, including high performance materials ideally suited for optical and eyewear requirements.

PRIMoptic has been focusing on different solutions to provide the best in terms of packaging and consumables with sustainability in mind.


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